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Chapter 4: Creating your platform

Creating your platform We ve built the technology that serves as the backbone

for customers to become platform operators. The Mirakl

Marketplace PlatformTM was created to give customers all of the

functionality they need to build a robust ecosystem.

Our technology is based on five critical pillars to platform


1. Seller onboarding:

Your organization needs a simple workflow that allows third

parties to easily list their products and services. Because third

parties typically have their products and services in different

data formats and files, it can be hard to design a system that

can ingest many different formats. Mirakl makes this very

challenging task easy, and third parties are able to upload their

products in minutes and simply point and click to map to your

catalog structure.

2. Streamlined administration:

Mirakl s platform includes the operator portal - where you

can easily monitor the performance of your marketplace,

and the seller portal - where third parties can manage their

products, pricing, and promotions. Making it easy for you as

the platform operator, and for third parties as sellers, is critical to

accumulating many partners in your ecosystem.