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Chapter 2: The Platform Revolution is here

Becoming a best-in-class Platform operator Offer an exceptional customer experience

Whether it s the navigation, payment options, delivery options,

or the quality of the product data in the catalogs, all this is

about creating a great customer experience in a platform

context. The customer experience goes beyond the look

and feel of the digital commerce site; it includes emotional

elements such as the right assortment of goods and services.

Build great matching between sellers and customers

A critical role of any platform operator is to create great

matching between sellers and customers. You need to find the

right sellers, put together the right offer, and ultimately, the

relationship with the participants in the ecosystem.

Collaborate with your partners

When creating an ecosystem, the relationships you have

with other entities change. It is no longer a you buy this

from me and sell it to someone else type of relationship. It

is a collaborative situation that requires a different approach

to relationship management. For example, a retail platform

operator will help its sellers as they try to please customers,

rather than simply connecting the sellers with buying and

then walking away.