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Chapter 2: The Platform Revolution is here

Moving to the Platform Model The pipeline model is too linear to be efficient in the digital

world. The dynamic nature and agility of digital business

require a new understanding of business and an evolution of

business models.

The platform business model is the one used by the most

successful digital businesses. Just look at Amazon, Apple,

Uber, and Airbnb - these companies connect buyers and

sellers at a global scale and are growing faster than we have

ever seen business grow.

In looking at the platform model, at the heart of it is a

platform operator. For example, Amazon operates a platform

in which third-party sellers can connect with eager buyers.

Becoming a platform operator gives a company a strength

beyond just its brand - it puts that company at the center

of an ecosystem. In doing so, platform operators think

of customers not as someone at the end of an economic

value chain, entities they can interact and engage with.

This creates much more compelling value propositions that

can involve having more products, that can involve having

more services, that can involve creating solutions by putting

together various combinations of products and services.

Companies can become the go-to source for their customers,

building trust and brand value.