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Chapter 2: The Platform Revolution is here

The Platform Revolution is here These digital commerce transformations - Time and Space

compression, Information Ubiquity, and Interconnectedness

- are driving what we call The Platform Revolution.

If you build a Marketplace, you re actually building a platform

approach to your business. You re transforming your

business model to capitalize on connecting systems, and

building networks of partners and people, to offer more value

to your customers.

If you build a Platform business model, you can better

capitalize on what you ve already built: your brand, your

knowledge, and your relationships. The new world is here,

and to embrace this new world, you need to seriously

consider the impacts of the Platform Revolution for your


At the highest level, we refer to this change in your business

as a move from pipelines to platforms. The pipeline model

will feel familiar because it s the way companies traditionally

operate, all the way from suppliers to consumers in a very

linear fashion.