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Chapter 1 : Where we've come from

Information ubiquity The second digital commerce transformation is information

ubiquity. This refers to consumers having access to more

information than ever before. Consumers are out of the

darkness, and the light makes them more empowered.

Cosumers have now been exposed to tools, technologies,

communities, and networks, that give them intelligence.

That intelligence in turn gives them power to know about

products, availability, price, reliability of sellers - and the list

goes on and on.

The old days of driving to the mall, going to the store, talking

to a sales associate to discover products is over. That was

the world before information ubiquity.

Today, if you want to buy an underwater camera, a very

specialized product which you formerly needed to go to a

store to talk to an associate and learn about you can now

research & purchase exclusively online.

The world is fundamentally different, and the balance of

power has shifted from sellers to buyers. Surviving in this

new world means thinking differently about how to sell.