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Chapter 1 : Where we've come from

Time and space compression Today, no matter what kind of company you are - a

manufacturer, a brand, a distributor, a services company

- you live in a world where consumers have instant access

to information that, in the past, was hidden from them.

Information such as competitive pricing, detailed product

content, and user ratings and reviews.

The world we live in is now fundamentally different. The

price of sourcing goods from China is lower than ever.

Amazon can do same-day delivery in 91% of the United


In today s world, consumers don t put up with friction in the

buying process. They are not content to wait for an associate

in a store to say, Sorry, we don t have that in stock, not when

they have dozens of other ways to immediately purchase that


This first transformation of time and space compression has

enabled consumers to quickly get the information they need

to make purchases, and the ability to purchase from any

merchant around the globe. As such, merchants need to be

more agile and more transparent in order to win and retain

today s consumers.