Coperama transforms their Digital Business to Lead the Procurement Service of the Global Hospitality Industry, supported by Mirakl

NH Hotel Group’s Purchasing Company relies on Mirakl to accelerate its Digital Strategy and Launch its own Online Procurement Marketplace 

BOSTON, PARIS, BARCELONA, LONDON, BERLIN  – September 26, 2018 –  Coperama, a Procurement Platform for the hospitality industry owned by NH Hotel Group, has entered into a partnership with Mirakl, the leading global marketplace solutions provider, to continue developing their digital business transformation and expand their procurement network to support international expansion.

Today Coperama manages a network of over 2,000 suppliers for the hospitality industry and the implementation of a marketplace model will be key to achieving overall business efficiency, while better serving hospitality buyers with a broader offer and improved user experience.

In addition to centralising 100% of  procurement services to the 380 NH hotels, Coperama is a procurement solution to around 1000 customers based within Europe and recently began operations in Colombia & Mexico. Coperama saw the launching of the online procurement marketplace as the best way to digitize the existing suppliers, while quickly onboarding new suppliers in new regions. Additionally, they’ll be able to offer European suppliers an entry into new markets without needing a physical presence.

Coperama is passionate about serving the needs of the hospitality industry, and we’re preparing to support significant growth for our business via an expanded offering for our customers. The marketplace model gives our business a fast way to expand our offer both within Europe where we have many more suppliers we’d like to work with, but also to quickly onboard new partners globally,” said  Ramón Luengo, CEO of Coperama. “We selected Mirakl because of their expertise, industry-leading marketplace platform, and existing partnership with SAP Hybris which will accelerate our digital transformation strategy.”

Coperama’s procurement marketplace is scheduled to be live later in 2018, and will service all their current customers procurement needs as well as other hospitality companies.

We are honored to work with Coperama. Business buyers have become increasingly demanding; wanting more options, at better prices, with great service. These are the same demands that upended the consumer world and paved the way for Amazon to dominate the retail industry with their online marketplace; which is a platform business model,” said Philippe Corrot, co-founder and CEO, Mirakl. “The hospitality industry is the latest to be transformed by platform business models that provide easy access to more products and services at competitive prices. By adopting the platform model and launching a procurement marketplace, Coperama will now be at the heart of a new ecosystem which will be the basis for the future of hospitality procurement.”

About Coperama

Wholly-owned by NH Hotel Group, Coperama is a leading purchasing platform in the European hospitality industry. Taking advantage of its purchasing force -thanks to the strong position of NH Hotel Group across different countries, Coperama offers to their affiliate establishments the best savings possible on all their procurement needs: Food & Beverages, Operational Services and “off the shelf” Furniture & Equipment items. Coperama boasts professionals with an extensive track record in the sector and expertise in the various sales channels and in negotiating the best deals for more than 1,000 hospitality establishments which already use its services. Coperama has presence in Spain, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Colombia & Mexico.