Best Buy Canada Selects Mirakl to launch its Marketplace

Best Buy Canada launches its marketplace with Mirakl

Cambridge, MA – May 6, 2015 – Mirakl, the global leader in online marketplace platforms, today announced that Best Buy Canada has selected the Mirakl Marketplace Platform to power Best Buy Canada’s online marketplace and increase its top-line revenue at Through Mirakl’s turnkey SaaS-based marketplace solution, the company also expects to increase its online traffic acquisition, online conversion rates, average order value, order profitability and customer loyalty. Best Buy Canada plans to go live in fall 2015.

Prior to selecting the Mirakl platform, Best Buy Canada wanted a secure solution to increase profitability for its online channel while enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering a wider range of products through third-party sellers. By selecting the Mirakl solution over a homegrown one, Best Buy Canada will now quickly and efficiently launch a proven online marketplace, without the risks and costs associated with internal development.

“We’re ecstatic to partner with Mirakl and include their talented team in our growth strategy to bring our online marketplace on to Canadians this fall,” said Thierry Hay-Sabourin, vice president, eCommerce, Best Buy Canada. “Once we saw Mirakl’s Marketplace Platform, we realized this was the solution to bring us industry expertise, a faster time-to-market and the potential for greater success.”

The Mirakl solution, built by seasoned marketplace experts provides retailers with an unlimited product catalogue managed entirely by third-party sellers, enabling them to focus on customer relationships. The Mirakl platform also allows retailers to:
• Optimize inventory management so they can focus on high-selling and high-margin products while leaving the “long tail” opportunities to third-party sellers
• Test new products without associated inventory risks
• Increase profits through a commissions-based model with third-party sellers

“We are thrilled Best Buy Canada has selected the Mirakl platform to power its first-ever online marketplace,” said Kamal Kirpalani, vice president and general manager, Americas, Mirakl. “Our platform will give Best Buy Canada a comprehensive and flexible marketplace solution to provide its customers with a broader product offering without the worry of inventory or logistic constraints.”


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Game Online Marketplace

GAME launches its online Marketplace

Game chooses Mirakl to launch its online marketplace.

The specialist game retailer has launched its online marketplace this month with Mirakl, offering its customers access to 50,000+ of new and pre-owned products. Game Marketplace has been designed to allow customers a way to easily browse and discover thousands of unique products including current and retro games, PC hardware, electronics, toys and collectibles, gaming memorabilia, books, clothing and more.

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Barometer Mirakl / Sorgem / IBM: “Perception of the Marketplaces in France”

Mirakl, leading provider of Marketplace solutions, and Sorgem Metric, specialist of quantitative studies, are revealing today the 1st edition of their barometer about ‘The Perception of the Marketplaces in France’, in collaboration with IBM. Conducted among a representative sample of 1000 people, the study is focusing on the perception and the habits of the consumers regarding to marketplaces. Already strongly established in the e-commerce environment (21% of the business volume of the 40 biggest French e-merchant), we can notice that marketplaces have changed the consuming habits of 6 out of 10 French people.

Marketplaces: already the key players of e-commerce ?

With sales volume increased by 53% in 2014, marketplaces have become an essential element of the online strategy of the French companies. On a marketplace, the buyers are connected to a multitude of sellers. Are being concerned the pure-players, such as PriceMinister or Rue du Commerce, as well as the retailers and department stores such as Darty or Les Galeries Lafayette. A marketplace provide the customer with more choice and competitive prices compared to a classic e-commerce website.

Marketplaces are part and parcel of the consumers’ habits online, even if most of the time they are not aware of it. 68% of the French Internet users report that have already used a marketplace, while it is actually the case for 95% of them.

Eventually, the barometer emphasizes that that the users themselves can ignore that they are on a marketplace. If the e-commerce start-ups are well identified as marketplace (75% of Amazon and Price Minister users know that they are one), it is not the case for all the traditional brands. For instance, less than 30% of the La Redoute’s users identify the brand as a marketplace.

The key to success of marketplaces: choice, price and service

We could fear for the customers that the multiplication of the sellers would be synonym of increased exposure to some risks. It is the case for one third of the Internet uses who don’t trust the website if they don’t know the seller.

Nevertheless, with 85% of users satisfied, marketplaces offer bigger benefits than traditional e-commerce. More than 8 out of 10 people choose marketplace because they simplify their online purchases with a larger choice at the same place and lower prices. Almost 9 out of 10 customers think that marketplaces offer a great quality of service.

A promising growth (+53% increase of sales in 2014 for the 40 biggest French e-merchants)

The turnover of the marketplaces in France keeps growing. There is still some apprehension about marketplaces, but they are finally inherent to e-commerce itself. 70% of people who don’t buy on marketplaces simply don’t like to purchase online with their credit cards, and 77% think it is hard to evaluate the quality of the products when you buy them online.

One out of four Internet users, whether they are already convinced by marketplaces or not, think they will increase their frequency of purchase on the marketplaces.
There is no decrease of the purchasing intention foreseen on the marketplaces. The progressive mutation of traditional e-commerce websites toward marketplaces should continue, and will concern more and more players of the French economy. Marketplaces should weight no less than 10 billions of euros in 2018.

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Mirakl introduces Bitcoin as a payment option for retail customers

Mirakl is now allowing its retail customers to offer Bitcoin as a payment option to consumers on their websites and e-commerce channels

Mirakl works with some of the world’s most well-known retailers, including Darty, Galeries Lafayette and Woolworths. While co-founder Adrien Nussenbaum is not expecting an immediate rush of Bitcoin payments, he believes that Bitcoin will eventually become a significant currency.

I don’t expect our customers to have huge turnover from Bitcoin payments initially, but we want them to be ready for when consumers do embrace it,” he said. “Although there is a perception of it being risky from a security perspective, Bitcoin is rich with potential and cannot be dismissed as a fad.”

Mirakl helps retailers create their own marketplace, adding a platform where buyers and sellers can interact. It fits seamlessly with a retailers’ brand and existing presence to offer increased product choice and profits without inventory and logistics costs and restraints.

Six in 10 UK adults have bought from an online marketplace over the last 12 months, and just 14% said they had been put off buying something from an online retailer because an item was provided by a third party seller, according to Mirakl research earlier in 2014.

The rise in use of Bitcoin, combined with online marketplaces becoming an accepted and mainstream destination for shoppers, meant that adding Bitcoin as a payment option was a natural step for Mirakl.

We want our customers, irrespective of their model or strategy, to anticipate market trends and not have to react to them,” said Nussenbaum. “Consumers are completely comfortable buying from online marketplaces and will one day want to do so using Bitcoin – our customers will be ready for that.”

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Mirakl manages Bitcoin in its e-commerce Marketplace solution

Mirakl, global leader in online Marketplace solutions which helps retailers create their own marketplace, is proving its capability to innovate by enabling its clients to offer Bitcoin as a means of payment on their website.

As Europe is becoming the fastest growing region regarding venture capital investments in Bitcoin specialized startups, it is important for Mirakl to bring this feature to the market.

“This new functionality reflects Mirakl’s desire to innovate by providing its clients with a flexible and full featured solution. It enables them to anticipate market trends whatever their model or strategy”, declares Philippe Corrot, Mirakl’s President.

Mirakl wishes to help its clients looking at offering this payment method on their Marketplace. Even though regulations remain to be created, key market players such as Monoprix have already stated their desire to offer Bitcoin on their website.

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Mirakl strengthens its teams to support international growth

Mirakl, leading provider of online Marketplace solutions, develops its activity on the international market. With a workforce of 40 employees headquartered in Paris, the company is launching its largest ever recruitment drive to add 25 additional personnel in Europe in order to support its growth and enter new markets.

Mirakl is a software provider of the SaaS-based Mirakl Marketplace Platform© which enables e-retailers, media sites, brands and telcos to develop their own marketplace. Mirakl provides on-going strategic, technical and operational support to all of its clients.

A recruitment plan opened to Europe and the United States

Following up on the successful opening of its London based offices in 2013, Mirakl recently launched the newest expansion to establish a US headquarters in New York. The company currently collaborates with clients in the US, in the UK, all across Europe (Spain, Italy, France, Turkey…), and also serves Australia and Africa. To accelerate its growth and conquer new markets, Mirakl is recruiting 10 experienced sales engineers to strengthen its sales team in the UK and deploy its activity in Germany and in the US.

In the US, 50% of the TOP10 e-retailers already have their own marketplace. Mirakl’s Co-Founders are convinced that Marketplaces are a worldwide phenomenon that affects every retail sector. Mirakl intends to quickly establish a position of leadership in this fast growing and innovative market. Marketplaces powered by Mirakl’s Marketplace Platform technology respond to localization needs and can help e-retailers confront the challenges of developing Marketplace activity in emerging countries.

In order to build on its competitive advantage by leveraging the continuous innovation of its solution, Mirakl is also recruiting 15 IT developers with experience from 3 to 7 years to reinforce the R&D team which today is composed of 20 technical experts from across France and Brazil.

”“Mirakl offers a unique sales experience on the Soft market, for people wishing to evolve in a dynamic and intellectually stimulating context as an integral part of the future of e-commerce””, explains Adrien Nussenbaum, Mirakl’s Co-Founder.

Mirakl, an innovative and rapidly growing company

Founded in 2011 by Philippe Corrot and Adrien Nussenbaum, two e-commerce experts, within 2 years the company has quickly become the clear market leader in France. Thanks to a solid and rapid growth on the European frontier, Mirakl is expanding internationally to serve new customers and deliver on its ambitious initiative to become a global leader in Marketplace technology.

Supported in both their vision and company by Elaia Partners and Xavier Niel, key players on the Web scene, Mirakl is working with leading retailers and media companies such as Darty, RueDuCommerce, Galeries Lafayette, MedicAnimal, Mistergooddeal… to power their online Marketplaces.