Casa del Libro launches its new online Marketplace with 2,8 million products

Spain’s leading bookstore chain Casa del Libro has implemented a new marketplace platform to support its growth strategy.


Madrid, March 1st 2017: Mirakl, the global leader in online Marketplace solutions, has announced that Casa del Libro, the bookstore chain owned by Grupo Planeta, has implemented a new Marketplace platform relying on its solution. By replacing its custom-built Marketplace platform with the Mirakl Marketplace Platform solution, Casa del Libro improves its Marketplace offering by both diversifying and expanding the number of products and categories, and by enabling an international deployment.


During the last 4 years, as the Casa del Libro Marketplace grow more successful; the necessity to upgrade the existing platform to reach the company’s growth objectives became more apparent. Moreover, with the intensification of competition in the Latin American market – mainly represented by Amazon arriving in Mexico – Casa del Libro has become aware of the need to use a more agile solution to optimize the management of its online activities.
The replacement of the existing platform with the Mirakl Marketplace Platform ™ is part of the three main axes of Casa del Libro’s strategy to accelerate:


  • Growth: with the ability to quickly recruit and integrate new sellers, both individuals and professionals, national and international, and therefore add new offers to its website.


  • Diversification: with the ability to add new categories, including school supplies, stationery, and a selection of accessories to provide better service and a better purchasing experience to its customers.


  • Internationalization: the marketplace is currently open only to the domestic market, but thanks to Mirakl’s currency and tax-management features, Casa del Libro can rapidly expand its activity to 7 new Latin American countries.


“Casa del Libro’s ambition is to be a leader in the books and cultural products business both online and in physical stores in the Spanish and Latin American markets. We have invested heavily in the strategic development of our marketplace to successfully offer 2.8 million products currently on our website” said Emiliano Ayala GALIAN, CEO of Casa del Libro.


“In order to offer the same quality and assortment in other Latin American markets, we needed to invest in a more flexible and modern solution. Mirakl provides us with the technology and expertise to succeed in this new stage in Casa del Libro’s Marketplace”.


Today, around 550,000 products sold by Casa del Libro are offered by some of its 19,000 marketplace sellers. By launching its marketplace platform with Mirakl, Casa del Libro expects to achieve an exponential increase in the number of sellers and products offered throughout the world.


We are pleased to contribute to this new initiative for Casa del Libro,” explains Philippe Corrot, CEO and co-founder of Mirakl. “Casa del Libro has been an e-commerce pioneer in Spain for more than 20 years, and already had the ambition to develop its own marketplace four years ago.

Custom-built platforms offer fewer capacities to manage the assortment expansion and require a lot of resources for their maintenance. These resources are generally consumed instead of being used to innovate and develop new features. At Mirakl, we are proud to have designed a safe and reliable solution to provide Casa del Libro with all the features and innovations required to support this new historic step of its activity.


About Casa del Libro

Founded in 1923, Casa del Libro S.L. is Spain’s leading bookstore chain, with 39 physical stores. In 1992, the company was integrated into Grupo Planeta, a multimedia group based in Barcelona and operating in the publishing, audiovisual and communication sectors in Spain, France, Portugal and the Americas. In 1996, Casa del Libro distinguished itself as a pioneer in the digital market, inaugurating, the leading online bookstore in Spanish.