Mirakl Marketplace & Platform Summit Paris 2019: The Highlights

Jess Iandiorio - June 14, 2019

Last week, we celebrated the 5th edition of the Marketplace & Platform Summit by Mirakl at Station F in Paris. The 500 attendees at this year’s Summit represented over 200 companies from 20+ countries across North America, Europe, and Oceania – all in attendance to learn more, go beyond and win in the platform economy. See the best moments from the Summit in the video below, and read on for highlights featuring Platform Pioneers with Mirakl-powered Marketplaces, partners, and other marketplace leaders.

"Ecosystems are the future of business"


Mirakl co-founder and U.S. CEO Adrien Nussenbaum kicked off the day by sharing why platform businesses are so powerful – and how traditional businesses, both B2B and B2C, can take their piece of the pie.Mirakl co-founder and U.S. CEO Adrien Nussenbaum delivering the opening keynote. Click to download (high-res).In 2018 alone, buyers spent $1.8 trillion globally on online marketplaces. Mirakl clients more than doubled their sales last year, too, reaching more than $1 billion, and 60 new companies decided to work with Mirakl for their marketplace initiatives.

With all these numbers in mind, Adrien’s message to attendees was simple: “Platforms are forever changing how people & businesses transact.”

“Today, your strength is your relationship with your customers. Tomorrow, your strength is the ecosystem you build between your customers and partners.” Adrien Nussenbaum, CEO, Mirakl

Platforms make it possible to scale fast, removing obstacles that slow down growth so organizations can think bigger with less investment. Think of Airbnb: when a hotel chain wants to expand, they need to acquire buildings and hire staff – a resource-intensive endeavor. By comparison, when  Airbnb wants to launch in a new city, all they need to invest in is marketing.

Platforms also shorten value chains. Buyers can now shop directly from manufacturers through platforms, putting manufacturers back at the center & creating a completely new economy. And finally, they create positive network effects. More sellers lead to more offers, more sales and ultimately more data. When organizations achieve this, they can constantly expand and launch new initiatives.

During the keynote, Adrien invited some of Mirakl’s Platform Pioneers – organizations that are at the forefront of the platform revolution – to share their stories on stage. He spoke with Daniel Hansson, Head of B2B Sales & Marketplace for Afound, an H&M brand launched in 2018. Daniel shared why H&M chose the marketplace model over traditional retail for Afound, and how their customers are responding to the new experience.

Attendees also heard from Christian Agger, Head of Digital & Business Transformation at Satair about how they transformed the way aerospace parts are sold with a spare parts marketplace. And finally, Scott Friend, Partner at Bain Capital Ventures, joined Adrien on stage to share his perspective on the transformative trends that are bringing about the future of commerce.

Watch the full keynote, and find video recordings of other sessions from the Summit, on Mirakl's YouTube channel.

Introducing Mirakl Connect, the Global Marketplace Ecosystem

At this year’s Summit, Julie Dando and Kelly Gow of Mirakl announced the launch of our latest innovation: Mirakl Connect, the Global Marketplace Ecosystem. On Mirakl Connect, marketplace sellers, partners with tailored services & technology solutions, and Mirakl-powered Marketplaces come together to:

  • Promote their businesses to increase visibility within the marketplace industry

  • Make new connections and discover new business partners

  • Convert opportunities to grow their Marketplace businesses

Mirakl Connect is the platform where Sellers, Partners and Mirakl‑powered Marketplaces meet to accelerate their business. Find a full run-down about how Mirakl Connect is changing marketplaces: Meet Mirakl Connect, the Global Marketplace Ecosystem.

Top highlights from B2B & B2C panels

Mirakl customers and partners came together during the Summit to share their experiences and recommendations for how both B2B and B2C organizations can ride the platform wave to success.

How B2B organizations are succeeding with marketplaces

Attendees heard from SAP and Tetra Pak about how to meet B2B buyer expectations in a rapidly changing world. Accor Hotels and Roland Berger spoke about the future of procurement for B2B organizations, and Metro Cash & Carry shared how they transformed into an omni-channel B2B marketplace.

Mirakl customers Coperama and Conrad joined Freudenberg to offer recommendations on strategic positioning and how to “sell” to B2B customers. Satair Group and e2y shared how marketplaces are fueling the aftermarket.

Using marketplaces to scale B2C success

Platform Pioneer Afound and Conforama joined the community to share their secrets to building expertise and a winning marketplace organization. Catch Group offered tips on leveraging marketplace data to improve customer experience and fuel growth, and Directors of eCommerce from The Phone House, Best Buy Canada, BHV and Nora spoke about how they manage marketplaces.

Carrefour offered their experience with grocery marketplaces and finding the right strategy to achieve a true “endless aisle,” and Afound and their retail partner MQ shared why they chose to “self-disrupt” and change the face of fashion.

Marketplace “heavy hitters” share their experience

Following B2B and B2C breakout tracks, Summit attendees came together to hear from Mirakl customers and other marketplace heavy hitters, including Catch Group, Challenges,, Alibaba Group, and JUMIA, on the ways that industry leaders are achieving explosive growth. Best Buy Canada shared a look at the impact of marketplaces for their business, three years post-launch.

Announcing the Mirakl Summit Award Winners

After a day of shared learnings and inspiration, the Summit culminated in an awards ceremony honoring some of Mirakl’s Platform Pioneers – the companies that are already winning in the platform economy. Congratulations to all of the winners:

  • Strongest Growth: Carrefour Brazil (Carrefour was also the winner of last year’s “Best Group Strategy” award)

  • Fastest Launch: Brico Privé

  • Best Change Management: Best Buy Canada

  • Best Omnichannel Strategy: Metro Cash & Carry

  • Most Innovative B2B: Tetra Pak

  • Best Platform Model Leverage (B2B): Conrad

  • Best Platform Model Leverage (B2C): Conforama (also the winner of last year’s “Best Change Management” award)

  • Partner of the Year: SAP

Thank you to the Mirakl Marketplace & Platform Summit sponsors


The Marketplace & Platform Summit by Mirakl wouldn’t have been possible without the expertise and support of our sponsors: Avalara, Cybersource, Decade, e2y, Keyrus, Magento, Payoneer, SAP, ShipStation,, Webhelp Payment Services, and Xplore Group. Thank you!

Still to come: Marketplace & Platform Summit by Mirakl – Boston

That’s a wrap for this year’s Marketplace & Platform Summit in Paris, but there’s more to come. That’s right – for the first time, the Marketplace & Platform Summit is coming to Boston!

On July 11, over 150 executives from leading B2C and B2B companies will come together for a “Master Class” experience about platform business models of every kind. Attendees will hear from expert speakers from McKinsey & Company, Bain Capital Ventures, Toyota Material Handling, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, 1-800-Flowers, and Maisonette (among others). Learn more and register at

Photo highlights from the Marketplace & Platform Summit








Daniel Hansson, Head of B2B Sales and Marketplace, Afound (left) shares why Afound chose the marketplace model.  Click to download (high-res). Christian Agger, Head of Digital & Business Transformation (left) in conversation with Mirakl co-founder and U.S. CEO Adrien Nussenbaum. Click to download.Scott Friend, Partner at Bain Capital Ventures, gives his perspective on the trends transforming commerce.  Click to download.Anne-Sophie Rembault, eCommerce Director, Conforama; Mona Landh, Marketplace Product Owner, H&M - Afound; and Anastasia Derly, Team Lead - Customer Success, Mirakl share the secrets to building a winning marketplace organization. Click to download.Thierry Hay-Sabourin, SVP, eCommerce, Best Buy Canada, shares the impact of marketplace three years after launch. Click to download. Attendees spoke with the Mirakl Labs Research & Development Team. Click to download.Mirakl partner Keyrus shared best practices with summit attendees.  Click to download.

Jess Iandiorio,
Former Chief Marketing Officer, Mirakl