Barometer Mirakl / Sorgem / IBM: “Perception of the Marketplaces in France”

Mirakl, leading provider of Marketplace solutions, and Sorgem Metric, specialist of quantitative studies, are revealing today the 1st edition of their barometer about ‘The Perception of the Marketplaces in France’, in collaboration with IBM. Conducted among a representative sample of 1000 people, the study is focusing on the perception and the habits of the consumers regarding to marketplaces. Already strongly established in the e-commerce environment (21% of the business volume of the 40 biggest French e-merchant), we can notice that marketplaces have changed the consuming habits of 6 out of 10 French people.

Marketplaces: already the key players of e-commerce ?

With sales volume increased by 53% in 2014, marketplaces have become an essential element of the online strategy of the French companies. On a marketplace, the buyers are connected to a multitude of sellers. Are being concerned the pure-players, such as PriceMinister or Rue du Commerce, as well as the retailers and department stores such as Darty or Les Galeries Lafayette. A marketplace provide the customer with more choice and competitive prices compared to a classic e-commerce website.

Marketplaces are part and parcel of the consumers’ habits online, even if most of the time they are not aware of it. 68% of the French Internet users report that have already used a marketplace, while it is actually the case for 95% of them.

Eventually, the barometer emphasizes that that the users themselves can ignore that they are on a marketplace. If the e-commerce start-ups are well identified as marketplace (75% of Amazon and Price Minister users know that they are one), it is not the case for all the traditional brands. For instance, less than 30% of the La Redoute’s users identify the brand as a marketplace.

The key to success of marketplaces: choice, price and service

We could fear for the customers that the multiplication of the sellers would be synonym of increased exposure to some risks. It is the case for one third of the Internet uses who don’t trust the website if they don’t know the seller.

Nevertheless, with 85% of users satisfied, marketplaces offer bigger benefits than traditional e-commerce. More than 8 out of 10 people choose marketplace because they simplify their online purchases with a larger choice at the same place and lower prices. Almost 9 out of 10 customers think that marketplaces offer a great quality of service.

A promising growth (+53% increase of sales in 2014 for the 40 biggest French e-merchants)

The turnover of the marketplaces in France keeps growing. There is still some apprehension about marketplaces, but they are finally inherent to e-commerce itself. 70% of people who don’t buy on marketplaces simply don’t like to purchase online with their credit cards, and 77% think it is hard to evaluate the quality of the products when you buy them online.

One out of four Internet users, whether they are already convinced by marketplaces or not, think they will increase their frequency of purchase on the marketplaces.
There is no decrease of the purchasing intention foreseen on the marketplaces. The progressive mutation of traditional e-commerce websites toward marketplaces should continue, and will concern more and more players of the French economy. Marketplaces should weight no less than 10 billions of euros in 2018.

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